How Can I Fund My Music Projects Without Working a Regular Job? 5 Music Funding Secrets

Because it frequently applies, the term “starving artist” has gained cliche status. It can take a while for an independent musician to start making enough money from their music to support themselves. Musicians frequently experience the proverbial “catch-22” of needing to work a normal job to support their musical ambitions but then lacking the time or energy to do so after work. There is a way, which is fantastic news! There are “secrets” to funding music that any musician can apply to begin generating passive revenue for their musical endeavors.

The first secret is that you require a system that handles the laborious tasks. As an abbreviation for “Saves You Some Time, Energy, and Money,” consider the term SYSTEM. This is due to the fact that a good system will continue to function for you after it is set up while you concentrate on your music. You must employ a unique kind of mechanism called a “funnel” in order to be successful at earning money online as a musician. It’s possible that you’ve heard this phrase before and wondered what it meant. Simply said, a funnel is a system that gathers contact information (such as an interested party’s phone number and/or email address) and “funnels” them via a series of follow-up communications.

Secret #2: Your funnel system should start by concentrating on affiliate campaigns in which you are not required to offer any goods or services. You only suggest specific tools to people who, like you, would profit from them in the same way that you have. You receive a commission in exchange for making a recommendation. You can’t just choose any affiliate scheme and plug it into your funnel, though. One of the best kept secrets for musicians looking to make money online. You must exercise caution and concentrate your efforts on advertising top-notch tools that will provide you a consistent monthly income.

Secret #3: You need a method for your funnel that will automatically follow up with anyone who enter it. Once more, you can just send an email or, for extra impact, use SMS text messaging, which has significantly better open rates. Do you already see how your system will handle all the labor-intensive tasks once it is configured? A funnel system has a miraculous leverage like that.

Secret #4: The tools you promote should come with training on how to use them. Despite the fact that almost anyone can set up a funnel, it might be useful to have instructional training films to make the process simpler, especially for people who are less technically savvy.

In order to promote your own music, merchandise, virtual or actual concerts, “pre-saves” on streaming services like Spotify, and much more, you can use your music funding funnel and the skills you’ve acquired through it. You may set up a series of follow-up emails and SMS messages, much like with your music funding system, to engage your new potential fans and direct them to your music, video, social network profile, merchandise offer, or anything else you want them to check out.